Unoccupied Home Insurance

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  • Buildings and contents cover available
  • Cover for damage caused by water or subsidence
  • Protection against vandalism damage
  • Property owners liability cover
  • Non Standard Construction buildings & Ongoing Building Work
  • Commercial & residential properties acceptable
  • Instant insurance documents



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By getting multiple quotes you know for sure that you’re getting a good deal on a policy and are not paying over the odds

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Multiquote Unoccupied Property
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Multiquote Unoccupied Property

A Guide to Unoccupied Home Insurance

Make sure you have the correct insurance cover if your property is going to be empty for a month or longer. Owners often make the mistake thinking that ordinary home insurance is sufficient to cover them when their property is left unoccupied for weeks, months or even years so don’t be caught out.

Will my home insurance policy protect me?

An ordinary home insurance policy usually has a clause stating that the property must not be unoccupied for more than thirty days at a time. The reason behind this is that insurance companies realise if property is left vacant for long periods of time it could become a target for vandalism and theft. If the property is damaged in any way, for instance you aren’t aware that water has seeped into the house because of a burst pipe, the clear up costs and payout your insurance company would have to give could be very high indeed.

Reasons your property needs unoccupied house protection

Some of the reasons your property may be empty for long periods so would need unoccupied home insurance are as follows:-

  • You’ve recently moved home and are waiting for your previous property sale to be finalised
  • You could be waiting for tenants to move into your house
  • You’re renovating or redecorating your property
  • You may have inherited a property and are waiting for probate to clear
  • This property could be a second home or a holiday home you rarely use

Protection to consider

Make sure you understand the many risks unoccupied houses present. Consider cover for:-

  • Water or flood damage
  • Damage from lightning, storms, explosions and fire
  • Property owner’s liability insurance which protects against injury or damage to property of a third party, for example a tile from your roof could fall or they could be injured by a gas explosion
  • Malicious vandalism

Save Time & Money by Getting Multiple Quotes

One of the best ways to ensure you get a good deal on your unoccupied home insurance is to get quotes from many different insurance providers. You might think this would take a lot of time and effort but this is not the case. Just click the red button below and after answering a few questions you’ll have access to all your quotes. Then all you have to do is decide which offers you the best deal. It’s that simple!

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